Soledad City, California, USA

July 15, 2020
Soledad, California, USA - Aerial View - Agriculture Rural Development - Urban Planning
Location | Soledad, California, USA

Soledad City was officially inaugurated as a city in 1921, but has roots to the 18th century when the Spanish mission started their activities in the area. The City name derives from the Spanish mission and translated to the solitude city. The area has one of the worlds most economically productive and technologically advanced agricultural regions, and agricultural companies such as Dole Food Company is located here. Large beautiful farmlands can be found in this area in the vicinity of Soledad City.

The zoning plan and zoning regulations for Soledad City shows that the area is primarily designated for residential and public facility land uses. More information can be obtained from Soledad website. The city has been key in the development and facilitation of affordable housing to accommodate the diverse needs within Monterey County. From 2015 onwards, Soledad City has been collaborating with developers to address the affordable housing issue by amending local zoning regulations. This has allowed the development of single and multi unit dwellings in areas where this was previously prohibited. This push for affordable housing has increased the economic development opportunities for local businesses.

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