Plantzia Beautification Plan in Spain

August 15, 2020
Plantzia Beautification Plan - Beautification and preservation of Town Identity - Biscay, Spain

Location | Plantzia, Biscay, Spain

Plentzia is a tourist and resort city with a large beach (Plentzia Beach) where the river pictured runs out to. The beach, located in the Biscay Bay, has become very popular as it has a very clean water and the beach is sheltered.

Back in the old days, the town of Plentzia used to depend on revenue created by fishing whales (and some other fish) and coastal traffic. It was full of shipyards, but from the end of the 19th century, tourism started to increase at a rapid speed, and it got its tourism look. Since then the town has focused on tourism as its main economic driver.

Plantzia Beautification Plan

Since 2012 the town published the Plantzia Beautification Plan which sets the planned strategies and actions to be implemented.

The Plan forms part of the National Spanish Tourism Strategy and was developed to improve the quality of services for residents, while improving the quality of tourism attractions to meet the demands of tourists. However, it also sets the scene to improve the sustainability and environmental aspects though coordination between the public and private sector.


Key themes included in the beautification includes:

  • Identity of the Tourist Destination
  • Quality of Life Integration
  • Sustainability & Environment
  • Socio-economic Competitiveness and Innovation
  • Governance & Local Participation

Analysis of Data

Plantzia beautification Plan provided an overview of the current situation, potentials and problems. This included the collection of data on:

  • Historical development of Plentzia
  • Urban form and socio-demographics
  • Urban Planning data
  • Transport and Infrastructure Services
  • Landscape and Public Realm

Key Strategies & Actions

Some key results from the analysis showed that there was a need to create strategies and actions for a number of elements within the town. A map showing the location of the actions has been provided below. The key actions that Plentzia is carrying out includes:

  • Enhance the beautification and identity within the urban areas for tourism purposes.
  • Improve the quality of urban spaces and plazas thereby enhancing the historical surroundings.
  • Renovating public spaces.
  • The overall landscape both rural and urban should be valued and improved.
  • The facades facing the public realm need to be enhanced both in scale and aesthetics.
  • Building and neighbourhood rehabilitation programs.
  • There should be a coherent transition within the urban space which is easily accessible by foot, bike or public transport.
  • Road traffic shall be limited in the urban area, and walkable neighbourhoods need to be promoted i.e. make sidewalks larger.
  • Sustainable solutions shall be key in the implementation of the actions.
  • Public and private sector, including citizens need to be included to create a holistic beautification approach.
  • The improvements of the above elements must increase the economic activity and job creation and contribute to a healthy local economy.


Read more about the Plantzia Beautification Plan in the link below.

Strategies and Actions in Plentzia - Plentzia Beautification Plan

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