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Urban Planning Magazine - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Issue #04 – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Filetype | PDF
Pages | 102
Year | 2020
Language | English

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is aggressively pushing through a number of development projects to be completed within 2030 in line with their national vision. With a strong leadership committed to changing the urban environment, a few of these projects are already way underway. It will be exciting to see how the urban landscape has changed when we reach the year 2030.

Urban Planning Magazine South Africa

Issue #03 – South Africa

Filetype | PDF + EPUB
Pages | 92
Year | 2018
Language | English

South Africa is a rather interesting country due to its long spatially segregated history which has formed todays urban pattern. It is  the most visited country on the African continent (annually 10 million) due to its history and natural aspects. Big things will happen here as soon as the spatial disorder is corrected and the government establishes full control. Are you curious about how the planning framework in Cape Town or seeing drone shots of adjacent but so inequal neighbourhoods?

Urban Planning Magazine Italy

Issue #02 – Italy

Filetype | PDF + EPUB
Pages | 94
Year | 2017
Language | English

Italy is a rather interesting country in terms of planning. With some of the world’s greatest landmarks and landscapes, the country will face a rapid change the coming years. Corruption, illegal building, and plans missing a clear implementation strategy has impacted citizens, and still do. However, the recent plans, for the Rome has a more strategic approach to change this past. Are you curious about architects Arup and Migliore + Servetto deal with the planning system?

United Arab Emirates Magazine Issue

Issue #01 – United Arab Emirates

Filetype | PDF + EPUB
Pages | 96
Year | 2016
Language | English

This magazine is an effort to create more awareness of planning in different countries. Learning how planning is conducted across the world gives a broader understanding of the urban problems we have to solve, including better cultural and social understanding. The first issue discusses Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s urban frameworks, how walkability is lacking, and a need for a holistic planning system. Read how companies PlaceDynamix and Placemaking sees how a stronger urban framework could accelerate growth.

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