Arvaikheer Town, Mongolia

July 16, 2020
Arvaikheer, Mongolia - Aerial View - Rural Town - Urban Planning
Location | Arvaikheer, Mongolia

Arvaikheer is town in Mongolia accommodating 30,000 residents. It is the capital of the Övörkhangai Province, and is located in the middle of Mongolia’s 1,5 million of land. Foremost, the town is known for its traditional art, animal husbandry and equestrian sports. Yearly regional horse festivals are held to celebrate its long history of famous racing horses (dating back to the 18th century). 

In Mongolia, we find Land use plans at three different levels; National, Provincial and Local. Firstly, the National Land Management Plan covers the entire country of Mongolia and reflect the strategic planning 20 years ahead. Its mission is to develop a plan that is reasonable in its use for development, sustainable conservation and protection of the country. It also shall ensure that it works towards enhanced living standards for its citizens and grow the national economy.

Secondly, the Provincial and Capital City Land Use Plans covers the province with focus on the provincial capital. The plans are required to follow to the National Land Management Plan, and must reflect the environmental issues and matters relating to the protection of the land. This plan reflects the strategic planning 12 – 15 years ahead.

Finally, the Sub-county Land Use Plans is a detailed plan dealing with the immediate land management and development matters within the sub-county. The plan is required to follow the National and the Provincial Plan, and is created every year. 

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