Adelaide City, SA, Australia

July 14, 2020
Adelaide City, South Australia, Australia - Aerial View - Urban planning
Location | Adelaide, SA, Australia

Colonel William Light, Adelaide City’s founding fathers, laid out the gridiron design of the city close to the Torrens river. Cononel’s layout is interspaced by wide boulevards, large public squares, and surrounded by a green belt. This green belt is 1,700 acres large and consists of parkland separating the inner city from the suburbs. Ebenezer Howard, the renowned urban planner and founder of the garden movement, has acknowledged the Garden City plan for Adelaide in his book Garden Cities of Tomorrow. In 2008, the grid layout and park lands surrounding the city was recognised as a National Heritage. The recognition shows the city is growing with a focus on liveability, competitiveness and sustainability.

Adelaide City has frequently been recognised as one of the top ten most liveable cities in the world. This is based on the claim that the city is a “wonderful place to live, work, visit, study or invest”. Adelaide’s identity has been shaped by its rigid grid pattern and hierarchy of streets. The geometry of the city is in contrast to the park lands and views to the hills. As a result, the city has created space between the urban and natural setting.

Read more about the Strategic 30 Year Plan for Adelaide, Adelaide’s Development Plan in Adelaide and the new Planning System in place for the province of South Australia. The Strategic Plan for Adelaide reflects its vision to grow and become more liveable, competitive and sustainable. It incorporates ideas and suggestions from discussions with local councils, government agencies, various industries and community stakeholders. In combination with the Implementation Plan, the plan will guide the long-term growth of the city over the next 30 years.

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