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World Urban Planning passionately believes that quality urban planning can be made in every street, city and country. We are excited to share it with you.

World Urban Planning is an independant urban planning focused knowledge bank continuously exploring and building up knowledge about the globe. Currently based in Dubai, UAE, travelling all over the world is an important mission for us in order to get in touch with people and learn about societies and cultures. A sustainable philosophy is at the core of the research we do, and we promote the understanding of urban planning in different countries to build up a knowledge bank which each one of us can gain knowledge about.

The Urban Planning Magazine is a collective effort between myself – as the founder, editor and writer – and urban planning community (professionals such as you). It would not be possible without the help of local companies, urban planning enthusiasts and locals with vast knowledge of the history and interest in places. Throughout the journey we have visited most continents, from Canada to South Korea, Norway to United Arab Emirates and much more. We have many stories we want to share, and would be happy if you shared yours with us too.

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Erik Toresen


Currently working as an Urban Planner in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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