Stuyvesant Town, New York, USA

Location | Stuyvesant Town, New York, USA

Le Corbusier has described New York as a city “utterly devoid of harmony.” He wasn’t impressed by the tall towers, and stated that they were a product of an inferiority complex. He believed the city would do better by building buildings that don’t outdo each other, and which were more or less identical.

Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village, also known as Stuy Town, was planned in 1942 as a post-war affordable housing project for war veterans and is an early example of a towers in a park design in New York. The idea of the design was to create a country within a city, and was created by Robert Moses. The design has moreover resemblance to Le Corbusier’s Radiant City; separating pedestrians from cars and commercial spaces.

The town contains 110 cruciform-like buildings with 11,250 apartments. Only 25% of the area is occupied by the 110 buildings, while the rest is open space.

Soledad farmlands, USA

Location | Soledad, CA, USA

Soledad city was inaugurated as a city in 1921, but has roots to the 18th century when the Spanish mission started their activities in the area. The area has one of the worlds most economically productive and technologically advanced agricultural regions, and agricultural companies such as Dole Food Company are located here. Beautiful farmlands can be seen in this area.

Naples Island, California

Location | Naples Island, Long beach, Los Angeles, California, USA

Naples is a neighborhood of Long Beach in Los Angeles. It was built in 1903 by Arthur Parson on three islands which are divided by canals and lead out to San Pedro Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Mayberry and Parker designed the island to be an American Venice and acts as one today. The Venice dream was completed in the 1920s and is offering gondola trips around the canals of Naples like they do in the original Venice.

Golden Gate Park, USA

Location | Golden Gate Park, San Fransisco, California, USA

Golden Gate Park is a huge 1,000 acre park. Back in the 1860s San Franciscans felt a need for a spacious park similar to NYC Central Park which was at that time under construction. Golden Gate Park, established in the 1870s, is however 20 percent larger than NYC Central Park and has been called a masterpiece in landscape architecture.

Westminister, California, USA

Location | Bolsa Avenue, Westminister, CA, USA

Westminster which once was occupied by Oak Grove people 8,000 years ago. It become a a colony in 1870, but has developed from the farmland into an urban community and city it is today. Two 8 million gallon beautifully designed water tanks, Sid Goldstein Memorial Park and the Vietnam War Memorial are some of the important elements which have been established.