Port Ariane, France

Location | Port Ariane, Lattes, France

Port Ariane is a port located in Lattes. Lattes is a small commune with about 16.000 inhabitants. The city centre experience flooding once in a while so dykes and a spillway was built in the last years. If you look at the water in the picture we see a circle-shaped water area with a small park located in the middle. Quite fascinating and nice design!

Disneyland Paris, France

Location | Disneyland Paris, Marne-la-Vallée, France

Disneyland Paris established in 1992 is located 32 km east of Paris. Looking from above we see how the park area is formed as a circle by the road. Moreover the train track goes straight through the circle. If you look even more closely you will see how much geometry there is in the establishment!

Palavas-les-Flots, France

Location | Palavas-les-Flots, Languedoc-Roussillon region, France

Palavas is an old fishing village which sold fish in the markets of Montpellier. In the 19th century it was quite unknown and only local tourist came, but since the establishment of the local train service to Montpellier in 1872 the tourism rapidly increased. It is today known for its seaside resorts with sand dunes which separates two lakes from the Mediterranean Ocean. Today it has around 6,000 inhabitants and several luxury boats can be found here (as shown in the picture).

Charles de Gaulle Airport, France

Location | Charles de Gaulle Airport terminal 1, Île-de-France region, France

Charles de Gaulle is the 2nd busiest airport in Europe after London Heathrow, and 8th busiest in the world. The airport has 3 terminals, and terminal 1 (as we see in the picture) was designed by Paul Andreu with the form as an octopus. Andreu hoped to build other terminals based on the design of terminal 1, but several defects were identified few years after opening the airport in the 1980s and its design has been criticised numerously. There are 7 satellites connected underground from the middle area which serves as a check-in and baggage claim area. Paul Andreu has also designed airports in Manilla, Jakarta, Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, Brunei and Paris.

Arc de Triomphe, France

Location | Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France

The famous monument Arc de Triomphe is located in Paris. It honours the ones who fought and died in the Napoleonic wars and French revolution. In 1806 it was designed by Jean Chalgrin who was inspired by the Roman Arch of Titus, and in 1836 the construction finished. It was the tallest triumphal arc with a height of 50 meter, but the Momento a la Revolución (67m) in Mexico and the Arch of Triumph (60m) in North Korea exceeded its height in 1938 and 1982 respectively.

Père Lachaise Cemetery, France

Location | Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France

Père Lachaise Cemetery, established in 1804, is the largest cemetery located in the urban Paris (110 acres). It was named after the confessor to Louis XIV, Père François de la Chaise. The famous architect Alexandre-Thęodore Brogniart created the layout for the cemetery as requested by Napoleon Bonaparte.