Nienhagen, Rostock, Germany

Location | Nienhagen, Rostock, Germany

In the vicinity of Rostock city we find Nienhagen, a place which for several centuries have been dependent on agriculture. However, today much of the profit comes from holiday homes and the seaside resort. The area is famous for its "ghost forest" located by the sea, which gives of an eerie feeling at dusk or fog because of the one-sided growth and twisted branches. However, a beautiful and magnificent place to visit. .

Ålsten, Stockholm, Sweden

Location | Ålsten, Stockholm, Sweden

Ålsten is mainly an area consisting of villas and terraced housing, with green areas and a lake right beside. The municipality of Stockholm bought this land in 1905 for 0.02 dollar per square meter. In 1923 the urban plan for this area was designed with a tram line, and the houses were built a few years later. They row-housing is famous as the, at that time, prime minister of Sweden lived there.

Bern, Switzerland

Location | Bern, Switzerland

Bern's old city was built on a narrow hill surrounded by the river Aare on three sides. The compact layout of the city has barely changed at all since its construction from the 12th to 15th century, and has a medieval character. In 1983 it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its original medieval character. A great city where public transportation and biking or walking is a pleasure.

Koekelberg – Brussels, Belgium

Location | Koekelberg, Brussels, Belgium

Among the 19 municipalities in Brussels, Koekelberg is the smallest municipality in terms of population. In the bottom of the picture we see Boulevard Leopold II which links Koekelberg Basilica (not in the picture) to the city centre. In 1958, a viaduct 10 meters high, was installed on top the boulevard. However this structure was dismantled after 30 years as the road planning, car park, lighting and street furniture became an more important factor. Koekelberg is famous for its Basilica which is one of the worlds biggest among Roman Catholic churches.

Elche, Spain

Location | Elche, Alicante, Spain

Elche is one of the 20 largest cities in Spain. It is the successor of La Alcudia which Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans had in possession at a time. Elche lost its some of its importance when it was moved from the sea, but became important for its traditional footwear industry when the railway was introduced. The "Palmeral of Elche" is an UNESCO World Heritage for its over 200.000 palm trees.

Boudevilliers, Switzerland

Location | Boudevilliers, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Boudevilliers is a former municipality of Switzerland with 750 inhabitants. Out of the 12.6 sq. km land available, 61.3% is used for agriculture, 32.2% is forested and 6.3% is built land (buildings and roads). Boudevilliers consist of the village Boudevilliers and the hamlets of La Jonchère, Malvilliers and Landeyeux. Landeyeux can be seen at the bottom right corner in the picture. Fantastic colours of agricultural land can be seen from such an aerial view like this.